Being a thief was never my life’s ambition, but there’s something I need to find, and I’ll go to any length to do it.

It’s a matter of life and death. And no one is willing to help.

A few mishaps later, I find myself in trouble with the feline king and it’s time to RUN.

But I don’t get very far. A handsome humanoid is wanting company for a long trip and he’s offering just the help I need.

For a cost…


One year. That’s all I get before I’m to step up as rightful king of my people.

A people believed to be extinct by the surrounding worlds.

Even though I’m the eldest and most responsible, I’m in need of an adventure and a beautiful woman to help keep my blood warm.

Finding a human thief who needed a transport around the galaxy was not part of the plan, but once I laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine.

She might plan on ripping me off and not paying up on her half of the bargain, but that’s all right. I don’t only want her body. I want everything she’s got to offer.




I’ve known three things about myself forever.

I’m a slave, slated to serve the feline king as oracle, and I’m hideous.

The last one hurts the most, but the people in the palace never fail to make sure I know it and know it well.

But things always change, and finally, it’s my turn.

Unfortunately, a snap decision brands me a murderer.

I’m forced to flee, but fate shines her face on me.

In the process of running, I bump into the most handsome human male I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Even in my embarrassment as a murderer, I am more concerned with hiding my ugliness than getting help, but he will have none of it.

Is he the savior my mentor spoke of? The one that would free me from myself completely?

I sure hope so.


I’ve always been the smart one in the family. Such is life.

But a chance arises to help my brother’s new mate, and I’m all in.

Adventure calls and gives me a task.

To kidnap the oracle of the Vanfian race. A feline race of beings that’s said to be deadly and disgusting.

And this witch happens to belong to the king of the felines himself. Lovely.

Supposedly, the oracle is said to be grotesque, but someone got the definition wrong.

This woman is beyond beautiful and needs my help unlocking her powers.

And there’s only one way we can make it happen… her loss of innocence.



Who would have thought it? A one-night stand should have only been one night.

Then the hot guy shows up on my doorstep with a business proposal that stinks more than a Vanfian female in heat.

He’s hiding something. I just didn’t expect it to be an upcoming apocalypse.

I have no choice but to go all in, but the plan is to keep my heart protected from him.

Yeah right. My hormones are leading the way, and this guy isn’t going to let me slip from his grasp that easily.


Life is just never easy, is it?

My older brother shacks up with the daughter of a goddess, and all of a sudden, our planet is pushed into an apocalypse.

And I’m forced to hunt down a mythical Guardian to aid us in the fight against the demon host that’s squared off to us.

What I don’t expect in my travels is to fall for a feisty scientist.

She sees through my crap and is hotter than Hades.

But I can’t afford to be distracted.

And yet, that’s exactly what I am. This Guardian can suck it. I’m more interested in convincing Dawn I’m her man, her protector.

Until the Crowned Prince of Hell gets her. His threat?



Life is nothing more than mind-numbing chaos. Guess that’s how it goes in an insane asylum.

Until him.

He made me feel clear-headed and purposeful, though his journey is a treacherous one.

There’s no way he understands who or what he’s up against.

We’re defenseless against the evil in front of us until he unlocks something powerful inside of me.

Something I didn’t know was there.

Now the question is whether I can connect the dots before the madhouse I’m stuck in breaks apart and reveals a truth I can’t handle.

I’m in love.


I’m no stranger to deception and breaking the rules is all right in my book.

Especially when it’s to help my people avoid the apocalypse.

So they send me to go undercover on Mars to locate a Guardian to help in our quest.

Unfortunately, it’s at the crazy house.

Almost humorous how well I fit in.

A beautiful woman that doesn’t quite seem to belong in a padded white room attaches herself to me.

And I push her back, but the more I resist, the harder fate works to keep us together.

A man can only resist for so long.

Little did I know what she was capable of or I’d have made my moves from the start.

I’m just hoping to keep my sanity long enough to help her recover hers.


I’ve been the Ice Queen for untold ages. As long as anyone can remember.

Until he came and rescued me.

We were on opposites sides of a war that decided who controlled the universe, but when we were alone together, none of that mattered.

His passion unleashed a heat inside me that only he could tame.

But could I trust him? And could he trust me?

I was a demon with the power to bring darkness down on my lover, his family, and his entire planet.

What I didn’t know was the power he had inside, the power to love me despite my faults.

Now to hold back my true nature and not destroy him and everything around us.


Never could I possibly imagine the power running in my veins.

All I wanted to do was build things, to create. Now I know why. Everything I touch comes to life.

And unfortunately creates havoc. It’s my secret and yet there finally seems to be someone I can trust.

Maybe. I’m unsure yet.

The spark between us grows brighter daily and warms me with its heat.

It’ll never be, though, because the Crown Prince of Hades wants me for a mate. Not because of me but because of my abilities.

To become a tool for evil is the last thing I want.

Hopefully, my Vartik male steps in and saves the day.

Or maybe it’s not about him saving anything. Maybe it’s time for me to accept my gifts and save us both. If not, the Prince will destroy the Vartik and his entire species.

No way I’m letting that happen.


Ally has learned that she can’t depend on anyone but herself.

That’s why, after her precious heirloom is stolen, she goes after the man in charge of the gang who stole it.

The sexy Raven says he doesn’t have it, so she throws a drink in his face, cursing the pirate and his men.

But when she and her sister are caught in a trap laid by a slaver, the Raven flies to their rescue, revealing himself as Lyk, a Vartik King with amazing powers.

Ally and her sister are waylaid by the dangerous Seekers, and her sister is kidnapped.

Lyk refuses to rush to her sister’s rescue, so Ally swears to go after her sister alone. Lyk won’t let her go, promising his aid and the might of the Vartik royal family, if she agrees to do things his way.

The more time she spends with him, the deeper she falls for the handsome Vartik, but the longer they wait, the greater the chance that her sister slips out of their grasps forever.

Can Ally learn to depend on Lyk or will she take on the forces of Hell alone and risk losing her sister forever?


From the first moment I sensed him, I fell hard for the exquisitely handsome son of the Goddess of Light.

Now I’m determined to rescue him from his prison cell in Hell and restore his powers so we can defeat the forces of darkness.

My empathic powers are strong, but they can’t make him trust me. That I have to do all on my own.

Can I break through real and metaphorical walls to reach him, or will the Crown Prince of Hell and his minions destroy the planet Vartik and my people, as well as the only man I’ve ever loved?

And, perhaps worse, will that man never love me in return?