It was supposed to be an exploratory mission, and it was… Just not the kind she expected.

Dr. Sylvia Cohen, MIT’s premiere astrobiologist has been chosen for a follow-up mission to Zanthar, a planet showing the promise of Life.

Leaving little behind on earth, she sustains a crash landing on the large seaweed planet and encounters far more than the micro-organisms discovered years earlier.

The Supreme Regent of Zanthar has a natural affinity for human females and finds himself quite taken with the lovely doctor, but war stands at their door.

His determination of her innocence or guilt will change the future for both of them.

He will test her in many ways, finding himself wanting her to succeed more and more each time.

Sylvia determines that science can explain most anything, but matters of the heart are forever a mystery.


It was a rescue mission, or so she thought.

After the disappearance of Dr. Sylvia Cohen, MIT’s premiere astrobiologist, the scientific community is at a loss for what happened.

Captain Jennifer Brooklyn is called on to take a team of scientist back into space to search for answers.

Being the bulldog she is, she’s more than willing to meet this new challenge head on and hopes for adventure around every corner.

With the Hareema threat still very much a problem, and the Minister of Defense missing in action, Major Thrak’Lin Ontarii is sent on the warpath for answers.

His run-in with another earthen vessel creates a type of friction he’s not used to and unwilling to bend toward though.

As tensions run high, these two least likely candidates for compatibility are thrown into a race to save their planets from the deadly Hareema.

When the only option is trusting one another, their guards come down and they discover something besides curiosity exists in the space between them.


It was supposed to be about capturing the enemy.

Nothing else.
Kat’Chinna, second in command to Major Ontarii, is known for her legendary control.

When the world is falling apart and her people are lost to chaos, she’s calm, cool and collected.

No one knows the thoughts racing through her head or the worries laid upon her heart.

She’s only interested in one thing… bringing down the heinous Hareema, a shape-shifting gelatinous enemy that’s plagued the Zantharians for far too long.

Lieutenant Jeffrey Brunt is a human known for his positive outlook on life, being labeled as Lt. Cheerful.

With his Captain gone and his ship stuck in captivity in the Zantharian world, he’s now in charge, and the best man for the job.

They don’t need a fighter or an explorer, but a lover.

The only woman capable of helping the human crew gain their freedom back is strong, determined and unyielding, until she meets Jeff.

Somehow no one is immune to Lt. Cheerful… not even Miss Doom and Gloom.


Love has the power to find you. Even when you’re in disguise.

Jamie Cohen was used to quitting things, but she refused to give up the search for her sister, Sylvie, who had crash landed on an alien world six month ago and hadn’t been heard from since.

Unfortunately, having a fiance in NASA wasn’t much help either.

Things changed when a handsome Good Samaritan saved her from a stranger’s unwanted advances.

Although she thought he’d just been in the right place at the right time, when she sees him again she realizes the truth: He’d been following her. Drak’Karren Rasveen, Minister of

Defense to the planet Zanthar and brother of its king, took his mission to Earth disguised as a human very seriously.

Here he hoped to uncover an enemy conspiracy that was threatening the lives of his people.

Instead he found Jamie, a frivolous but beautiful human with a taste for expensive clothes and successful men. Still, she is his best chance to infiltrate NASA and find the data he needs.

Now, if he could only keep his hands off her…

Together, the pair will battle shapeshifting enemies and risk imprisonment on an alien world. But the real test of their mettle comes when

Drake is forced to reveal his true form, a 7-foot tall, muscular alien creature with color-changing skin and an endowment that would put human men to shame.

Can Jamie trust the fate of her sister to someone who has lied to her repeatedly?

Is Drake willing to break the taboo of mating outside his race and risk the censure of his people?

And will they be able to escape the alien prison with their relationship intact?

Or even with their lives?